Food Waste

Action Summits

Join us for a day of food waste opportunity, as we bring local Food Waste stakeholders together.

Learn, meet, network and ‘hack’ action plan solutions to unlock opportunities to accelerate reducing food waste locally and globally.

Register to  join us in person or online for the first in our global rollout of  local Food Waste Action Summits.

 The Victorian Food Waste Action Summit …Wed. September 11th

Food Waste in Victoria is a $6 billion opportunity. Discover how you can unlock some of this opportunity for yourself and the organisations you’re involved with.

Come network with stakeholders and learn from the experts from across the Food Waste sector including Entrepreneurs, Business Sustainability Officers, Local Government Circular Economy program leaders, Non-Profit leaders and citizens who want to make a difference with tackling the Cost of Living Crisis and Climate Crisis.

Join us for an ‘action-packed’ day

In the morning:

Sit in on the expert panel discussions to hear industry insights as to how we can accelerate Prevention, Rescue and Recycle solutions.

In the afternoon:

Contribute to our ’round robin’ Action Summit workshops to use and learn ‘design thinking’ approaches to accelerate actions that lead to food waste reduction.

Be A Sponsor / Exhibitor

For as little as A$1000 your organisation can enhance your brand and expand your reach.

You’ll get exhibitor space at the event for your print and digital assets and jump to the top of the rankings on the Climateers Directories and Online Collaboration Spaces.


Climateers Food Waste Network

The Action Summits are just one key strategy as to how Climateers is empowering local Food Waste Ecosystems to increase collaboration  and simpligy and support effective action.

Climateers is one of thirteen exhibitors at the National Food Waste Summit to be held July 24th and 25th 2024 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

At the Summit we will be announcing the launch of our ‘Climate Transition Plan’ Sustainability Audits and our Victorian Food Waste Action Summit on Wednesday September 11th at Hawthorn Arts Centre.

Take Action

Book your ticket…coming soon.

Then come join us, so together, we can tackle the Food Waste Crisis in Victoria and New South Wales before taking it to New Hampshire, Maryland and San Diego in June 2024 to share learnings and collborate globally.