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Come join us online or in-person to learn more about opportunities for yourself and your organisation to create impact and value as we accelerate food waste action. The event will likely be capped at 150 attendees at our venue so that everyone can participate in our round-robin speed-workshop in the afternoon.

It’s a ‘citizens assembly’ style event so is open to the general public, but our marketing focus will be to the food waste stakeholders already working to prevent, rescue or recycle food waste. We’re expecting a diverse mix of representatives from food supply chain companies, local councils, research institutes, non-profit food rescue organisations and technology innovators working to upcycle and transform food waste to value added products.

The key theme is Food Waste Opportunity. It’s a $6 billion a year problem and we’re bringing the stakeholders together to share learnings, ideate and take action to unlock this opportunity. So if you’re looking for collaborations, funding, volunteers, paid talent, tools and resources or ideas then it’s a not-to-be-missed event.

You can either:

  • Become a sponsor/exhibitor (event attendance tickets included)
  • Register for $100 to attend in-person (early bird discount) with bonus VIP Climateers membership included (normally $100)
  • Register for $50 the full online experience of attending live online and accessing the premium recordings library
  • Apply as a volunteer to attend free


  • From our expert panelists as they share industry insights during each of ourĀ  panel discussions sessions for Prevention, Rescue and Recycle

  • How to tap into funding and employment opportunities using your skills and passions
  • ‘Ecosystem Design Thinking’ processes that can be applied in your organisation to accelerate innovation and maximise engagement by participating in our workshops
  • About ideas and collaboration opportunities to amplify your impact and funding

Network with:

  • Representatives from Industry, Non-profits, Local Governments, Waste Management providers, Technology providers and Consultants to help you increase revenue and decrease costs

  • Others working in similar roles across the circular economy

  • 30+ attendees during our speed networking introductions during the afternoon workshop session

  • Innovators bringing best practice products and learnings to market

Contribute to:

  • Accelerating food waste solutions that tackle Food Insecurity, Greenhouse gas emissions and Food systems resilience
  • Creating a replicable model that can accelerate progress for reducing Textile Waste, Plastic Waste, Electronic Waste and other climate solutions in Victoria
  • Creating a replicable model that can accelerate progress for reducing Food Waste in other regions around the world
  • A regenerative food system for Victoria that provides better outcomes in a fast-changing world

Access tools and resources

  • Save time and money with access to our VIP library of tools and resources including recordings of the Action summit and other events, seminars and workshops around the world as our global network of Food Waste and other action Summits expands

Promote your organisation

  • Buying a ticket to attend the in-house event also includes a membership upgrade for your organisation to increase their exposure with a paid Climateers membership