Event Organisers

Get involved as an Action Summit local organiser and get paid

In much the same way as people can apply to TED to be a local organiser we are looking for people with the skills and the time to help us rollout our ‘blueprint’ into all regions of the world.

Your involvement could not only help you create enormous impact to food waste and the climate crisis, but you’ll also be helping tackle food insecurity in your local region.

With the climate crisis and the cost of living crisis biting around the world, there has never been a time when society has needed food waste solutions.

We’ve developed a ‘playbook’ for organisers that involves the following steps:

  1. Review the work done by our desktop researchers in identifying local food waste stakeholder organisations
  2. Engage with potential partners to assist organising the event
  3. Engage with and onboard 12-20 experts to sit on the discussion panels and participate in the podcast interviews
  4. Pick a date and identify venue options
  5. Help the panelists promote the Action summit to spread the word
  6. Recruit volunteers to assist on the day with welcoming attendees and moderating the workshop groups
  7. Organise or conduct yourself the podcast interviews (our team will edit, produce and upload the content)
  8. Organise a Collabfest networking night
  9. Help support ticket sales and sponsorship sales
  10. Help coordinate other event services such as venue, videographer and food and beverages
  11. Organise or conduct yourself the Master of Ceremonies role on the day