About Action Summits

One day events that lead to increased local action and collaboration


An Action Summit is a one day event that has been designed to accelerate the:

  • Sharing of insights from industry experts and wider stakeholers about opportunities and challenges
  • Engagement of stakeholders and the wider public to help facilitate the flow of ideas, talent and finance
  • Development of collaborative action plans and guides
  • Formation of self-organising teams to implement collaborative solutions
  • Creation of value by removing inefficiencies and waste

Have you attended: 

  • Conferences and listened to insights from experts?
  • Expos to visit the booths and chat to the innovators and organisations offering value propositions to customers?
  • A Citizen Assembly, Hackathon or a Design-Thinking Workshop where people come along to share their wisdom and time to solve complex problems and create powerful innovations?

Climateers’ Action Summits combine the best of these into a short format one day event to engage and deliver powerful and effective results that can lead to the systems change needed to solve complex issues such as the Climate Crisis and Food Insecurity.

The Summits are part of Climateer’s ‘ecosystem design thinking’ approach to tackling the issues of complexity, fragmentation and inertia. This process is based on the Stanford ‘Design Thinking’ process with an overarching step of establishing collaborative ecosystems and having a collaborative mindset. The steps are:

  1. ECOSYSTEM: Identify and engage the ecosystem stakeholders and encourage collaboration
  2. EMPATHISE: Survey them to get their insights of challenges and opportunities
  3. DEFINE: Review and define the problem and opportunities
  4. IDEATE: Generate ideas and solutions plans
  5. PROTOTYPE: Generate specific solutions that deliver on the priority action plans for testing
  6. TEST: Test in market with users that the prototypes are effective

Steps 1 and 2 are done ahead of the Action Summit with our Directories, Industry Survey and Collabfest networking event.

Steps 3 and 4 are done on the day of the Action Summit with a reinforcement of Step 1

Steps 5 and 6 are done after the Action Summit by forming teams to progress the Action Plans using the Climateers’ platform and online Collab Spaces to support the collective efforts.


The Morning

The morning session involves an introduction and then three panel discussions where experts will explore their insights into the challenges and opportunities for:

  1. Food Waste Prevention
  2. Food Waste Rescue
  3. Food Waste Recycling

These insights will set the scene for helping to define the problems ahead of the afternoon ideation workshops.

This education process of shared learnings along with evidence-based and expert insights is designed to deliver value for attendees and catalyse effective solutions implementation.

The Afternoon

Attendees will be able to join three rotating workshop sessions for issues and opportunities.

These 40 minute speed-workshops are designed with four steps:

  1. Speed networking so people can identify potential collaborations
  2. Ideation to produce creative ideas to progress solutions
  3. Prioritisation using the wisdom of the crowd voting
  4. Aggregating ideas into a skeleton outline for an Action Plan

Afterwards the findings from all workshops are presented with the aim being to engage and inspire people to form teams to take these Action Plan outlines forward after the event.